Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Impending Death of John McCain

John McCain is dying from the same type of brain tumor that my father is - a Glioblastoma.

There is an indirect but pertinent relationship between my father and the dear senator that extends beyond their shared terminal illness.

My father (56) immigrated from England when he was 17 and landed in Chicago.  After a year or two of government schools he graduated and promptly enlisted in the United States Army.  He started his career as a private and, until very recently, was a Lietenient Colonel and was an administrator at one of the largest Army Hospitals state-side.

In early to mid elementary-school ages, I remember my father deploying numerous times to Bosnia/Herzegovania/Kosovo.  At the time, I didn't understand why it was necessary.  I'm no genius and no one really explained it to me outside of the "America is for freedom" concept.  Almost 20 years later, with a skeptics intuition, I smell bullshit.

My father is a Physician's Assistant which requires a master's degree in medicine.  His only health issues in the past were kinetically related because he played soccer and basketball.  We also have no family history of any cancer at all.  He took care of himself; no smoking, regular exercise, good diet.

So it came as a shock to us when we learned he had a brain tumor that was likely to be his end.  When he met with the private oncologist who operates her private practice near a military base we were stunned by what she told us.  Over 70% of the patients she sees with Glioblastomas were or are military members who have had exposure to burn-pits.

What's a burn-pit?  In a base of operations overseas there is no garbage service.  No one makes you differentiate your organic vs recyclable garbage.  You throw everything into a big pit that is set on fire.  This really isn't a big deal as long as you're not burning anything hazardous.  Plastic and paper and shit will make you cough, but it's not likely to give you long time health problems.  But what if you throw in depleted Uranium casings?

That's right.  Our military uses depleted uranium ammunition because it's effective at peircing armor and thick walls.  And what do they do with the remaining ordinance?  They throw it into a fucking fire right next to the camp.

What does John McCain have to do with this?  He's, as Vox Day would say, an acolyte for the Prince of Lies.  Here's an excerpt of a NYT Q&A w/ McCain concerning his initial disapporval of the Bosnian intervention and his ultimate betrayal of that "belief":

Q. You, as much as anyone in Congress, know the high costs of war, and yet you and Senator Bob Dole, in a politically unpopular move, pushed for a Senate endorsement of the Bosnia mission. Why did you consider this important?

A. I had been a long-time skeptic, if not outright opponent, of our Bosnia policy. Senator Dole and I and others were strong proponents of lifting the arms embargo. But when the president made his commitment, committing not just Bill Clinton but the United States of America, the entire situation changed.

There were significant negative costs associated with repudiating such a commitment — one, the credibility of the United States, two, the lasting viability of NATO, and three, the assurances of leaders of the participants in the war that the conflict would be reignited.

I have no doubt that the Congress has the authority to cut off funding, but that was not going to happen. When you vote to cut off funding, with American troops already there, whether you intend to or not you send a message to those troops that you don't support what they're doing.

Apparently not funding a war that you supposedly disagree with is now treasenous because you can't have the perception that the people you're ordering to fight the war are doing something for an immoral pretense.

John McCain was just diagnosed with the same brain tumor my father was.  I firmly believe that had my father not been exposed to that radiation he would be happy and healthy.  He's now teetering on a knife's edge.

The God Emperor has released a statement that asks for thoughts and prayers for Johnny on the trigger.

I will not waste my prayers for John.

May he rot in Hell.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More Millennial Retardation

I'm pretty lucky having grown up in a Military environment.  Most bullshit was stomped out of our fathers in basic and thus was not force-fed to us as kids.  In a way, it was a sheltered life.  I perceive that we were given the truth of things, however ugly they may be, however much we despised the taste.

But we were in a bubble.  Most of the rest of my generation were either being indoctrinated with Marxist lies or were on the verge of it.  Approaching 30, and with the phenomena of social media, it's interesting to note the once-sane individuals and view their lines of thinking nowadays, over 10 years after HS graduation.

The big lies that the retards believe:

All races are equal -
     Under the law, yes.  In any other objective perception?  No.  Just fucking no.  Black people are disproportionately represented in the NBA because they're genetically superior for that sport.  That's not equal.  Anyone pretending otherwise is either retarded or lying - probably for personal benefit.

Christianity is stupid -
     Admittedly, I once opined this rhetoric.  Denouncing an age-old tradition that was instrumental in creating the west seemed edgy and fun at the time.  It fed my ego.  But people don't realize that when you destroy Christianity in the west, the west ceases to exist.  Without God, their is only the state.  Socialism fails every time.  There is no foreseeable Western Civilization without Christendom.

We're a nation of immigrants -
     No, we're observably not.  We're a nation of settlers and conquerors.  There was no freedom of speech or Bill of Rights under the Natives inhabitance.  If you value these concepts as core to happiness on earth, then you certainly wouldn't prefer to live on a reservation run by Natives.  Do you understand?  The nation is its people.  Had the Europeans never arrived, America would certainly not be a super-power:  let alone have running sewer systems.  The meme of "we're a nation of immigrants" comes from an epitaph written on the Statue of Liberty by an ethnic Jew.  Weird, right?  Ethnic Jew says we should all accept immigrants from everywhere.  I wonder if Israel is taking in any immigrants?

Immigrants do the jobs that Americans won't -
     I know a lot of Americans out of work that would do those jobs if they paid living wages.  GTFO with that nonsense.  "Americans won't pick beans".  They will for 20$/hr.  "But Farmers can't afford that".  They can and they will or they will automate.

Diversity Is Our Strength -
     No, it's not.  Diversity observably reduces trust in neighborhoods not only among diverse groups but among groups of race heritage.  Diversity is a boon.  Compton was once white.  Blacks moved in.  Whites moved out.  Murder rates soared.  Mexicans moved in.  Blacks moved out.  OMG THE RACIST BLACKS WTFBBQ.  It's almost like people prefer to associate with people of their own race!?!?!?!?!?  GOD DAMN RACIST NAZIS!!!  Full Retard.  Look at any church.  They are free to associate.  See a lot of "Diverse" churches out there?  No.  People prefer to live with their own.

But I know this one person -
     The biggest argument to all these points is "But I know a guy who".  Who cares?  These are observations of majority and average.  Just because Yao Ming is 7" doesn't mean Chinese people are tall.  If you argue that silly shit or take offense to these points because you are not accurately described by these broad descriptions then you're, well, RETARDED.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Energy is Everything

Before today I spent the last 3 and 1/2 days in my apartment.

The first and second day were Christmas-Eve and Christmas respectively.  The last day I was isolated by a torrential blizzard of 40+mph winds and over 2 feet of snow.  If you have never experienced something like this and you would like to, I suggest you have your friend grind up the remainder of your ice-tray into the margarita maker and throw the remnants into your face.  Imagine that 60x over for every minute you dare to venture outdoors.

I eagerly anticipated the 2 days off for Christmas.  I didn't have anyone here; all my good friends have left, and I just wanted some peace and quiet to enjoy what I enjoy.

Alas, 48 hours of talking to old friends on the phone and researching interesting topics leaves you with...well, it leaves Me with a sense of "Okay.  But who wants to talk about it"?

The third day was bad.  I was left alone to my own thoughts for too long.  I noticed that I love to think deeply about things but without feedback from my friends and family I am but a negative energy consuming my own life-force:  I am self-destructive.

After this realization I couldn't wait to get back to work today.  I had a rush of energy unlike what I typically feel after a weekend.  I wanted so much to perform my job to perfection:  And I did.  And it didn't amount to shit.

I was removing snow for 3+hours and I had 2 customers I worked with for 6+ hours combined and nothing came from it.  Aside from the snow removed it was an abject failure.

But I learned something very important.  I would rather fail constantly while trying to succeed than never try at all:  I'll even die early for it.

Sitting at home and doing nothing is no longer desirable to me as it once was.

Perhaps it took this isolation to consolidate that perception.  Whatever it was, even if I'm paralyzed from the waist down, I'd rather die young than be scattered to the dust without making an attempt at impacting the civilization that I owe so much to.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Nobody Cares

Most people are complacent.

I don't begrudge them entirely.  Modern westernized society is a society of abundance.  Considering that people of these societies no longer have to worry about being eaten by bears they have a lot of time and resources to pursue a life outside of bear-trap making.

The reality of nature has escaped most people.  The nature of man for most is now just a will to exist unmolested in its consumption.

Most people in Western countries don't think about the rest of the world or the dynamics that are forming their reality.  They are constantly distracted by what they need to purchase next.  Once their lives become difficult or the true nature of existence smacks them in the face, they will quickly turn their heads and ignore the reality in an effort to avoid the inevitable feelings of displeasure - and thus action against the offending party - by consuming more.

Think of the expression "From rags to riches to rags".  Because of the riches accumulated by our fore-fathers' blood, we are able to live in a society of abundance.

Abundance breeds weak men.

In a sea of zombies primordially motivated to acquire new trinkets it's nice to see the occasional glimmer of intelligence searching for knowledge.

Unfortunately, like a mirage after a hundred mile trek through the desert, most of those glimmers turn out to be just an illusion.

Regardless of IQ most people in the west have such deep-seeded indoctrinations that no level of facts or statistics can sway them from their firm belief on certain observable and provable topics.

So you find yourself in a spat with a smart idiot.  Again and again and again.  How many glimmers will you visit until you find your Oasis?  How many can you suffer before you die from mental-dehydration?

Monday, December 5, 2016

"B..B...But, That's Not True"!

I sell things.

I'm not yet an expert, but I can read people well.  I can portray myself to a person's liking with very little understanding of their cultural background.

You may perceive that as dishonest.  I disagree.  I see that as adapting to a situation.  Ask any military brat that had 9 different schools and they will tell you that without adapting, you will die.  Starting with a positive first impression is key to making anyone like you.

Stagnant communities, rather, communities that don't receive many outsiders are mentally stunted in their ability to adapt to new scenarios.  Sure, they have to occasionally adapt to economic issues, but rarely new faces and cultures.

Much like facial and physical gestures of "thank you" or "I'm sorry" are noticeable among all languages, the emotions and motivations are noticeable to the perceptive empathizer.

If, for example, you come to buy a car from me but you protest that the price is too high, my body language and tone of voice will subdue and I will show you competing prices in the region.  I do this subconsciously.  I am understanding your emotions and empathizing with you while maintaining my integrity by offering transparency.

Once you realize the complexities of this unspoken language you start to pick up on some disturbing things.  People fucking lie.

It happens ALL THE TIME.  It happens face-to-face.  Someone wants you to believe something about themselves because that will temporarily improve their social status or a plethora of other reasons.  Fret not, these people are easily rooted out.  If they lack the means to move themselves they will be shunned by the community.  People that are genuinely dishonest don't last long in communities where they say outright lies to people's faces.

Online in text, though?  There's an odd disconnect.  Otherwise honest people feel obliged to link distracting, false or otherwise incomplete articles and then state them as a matter of fact.  They have no problem not even linking this sites and concluding what the headline told them to.  If they were to have a discourse in person I imagine they would be much less bold in their assertions.

But they do it anyway.  There's an odd line that I think is blurred between truth and narrative online.  People believe what they want to believe and then look for sources to reinforce their narrative.  They don't take any time to fact-check these narratives.  They only espouse from "trusted" sources what they are so damn sure was the truth without having seriously looked into it.

Unfortunately, though my empathy and inter-personal skills are high, I guess more often than not that a person's objectives online are simply to win an argument.  There is no intention to learn, to share, to emote:  If there were, a dialogue instead of an insult/reframing war would ensue.

The ultimate response for people that won't respond to your logical arguments is to respond in whatever way they chose to attack you.  Snarky comment followed by innocuous article?  Link the Onion and call them a Cunt.

Whatever you do, don't let a person that is being obviously dishonest leave the table thinking they have won the minds of anyone.  Call out their bullshit, don't let them bait and switch and most importantly, don't let them de-rail any valid point you've made with a dismissal and a shitty link.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Don't Insult People

This seems like a good general rule.  Right?  There have got to be countless religions with tomes of theocratic wisdom thought up by very smart people or even possibly a divine being that tell you this law.  "Do unto others".

It seems like a good universal truth.  The "Golden Rule" many atheists and theists alike refer to it.  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

This would be great if it was followed by everyone and anyone who disobeyed it was admonished accordingly.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Entering the realm of political discourse at a young age immediately draws scrutiny from intelligent, senior (in terms of age) peers.  I don't mind this, I think it's healthy and natural.

Interestingly, though, is that when "Senior" peers play word-games to make snarky, illogical quips to discredit the younger people they are debating with, they are shocked when the youth revolts with crude name-calling.  "NAME CALLING" *gasp*

Calling someone an idiot through pre-suading the audience with clever rhetoric is no more morally acceptable than dismissing someone's arguments by calling them retarded.

Both are wrong.  Start your arguments with some humility.  If you get slimed by bullshit, respond in kind.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why I'm Mad that I'm Dumb - And You Probably Should be Too.

I have a decent IQ:  Above average but not close to genius.  I'm what a genius would call a mid-wit.

But I'm dumb.  And so are most of you.

Public School is useless.  Here's my anecdotal evidence.

How many useless days did you spend watching videos so you could "write down 20 facts" on a sheet that the teacher would then lazily gaze at and confirm that, indeed, you wrote down 20 things.  How many days did you spend memorizing useless bullshit that you don't remember.  I know from reading most people's posts that the HUNDREDS of hours spent literally conscripting grammar textbooks didn't do you any fucking good.

And yet, after spending 11 YEARS in school, I learned nothing about the REAL knowledge necessary to understand the outside impacts on my life.  I didn't learn personal finance.  I didn't learn corporate finance.  I didn't learn how to tell what my dollar is worth.  I didn't learn what inflation or deflation was.  I didn't learn about hot vs cold wars.  I didn't learn how our nation declares war.  I didn't learn anything about the Civil War except it was slavery vs non-slavery (bullshit).  I didn't learn anything about the tax code or Teachers Unions or corporate bailouts.

Yet, I skated through all that.  High relative IQ and I got the grades I needed to keep alive and do well enough on tests to meet societal standards.  I felt smart.

Then I met the internet.  In a real fashion, I started seeking out smarter people than me, and I realized how much I had been mislead - how stupid I was.  My teachers were not paragons of wisdom, they were idiots fed by a bloated state that is intentionally keeping people dumb and making it impossible to fire dumb teachers.

Think it's all bullshit?  Well, here's Bill Ivey, former Clinton Administration Official E-Mailing current Clinton campaign head John Podesta

"And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry"

Or, as Lupe put it -

"Your childs future was the first to go with budget cuts
If you think that hurts then, wait here comes the uppercut
The school was garbage in the first place, that's on the up and up"